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Application System Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terra Dotta?

Terra Dotta is the application management software used by Valpo to share program information, as well as facilitate the study abroad application process. This software is used for the initial application, as well as post-acceptance requirements.

How do I log in?

Valpo students, faculty and staff log in using their Valpo log-in credentials. Note: it’s important to use the campus username, not full e-mail address. For anyone needing a password reset, or otherwise having trouble with their campus log-in, please contact the Valpo IT Help Desk.

For external students, or individuals without a Valpo campus log-in, they will be prompted to create a log-in and password using temporary credentials sent over e-mail. It’s important to remember the password once it’s set to log in in the future. For anyone needing a password reset, e-mail and a reset will be put through and generate another set of temporary log-in credentials that will allow access and creation of a new password.

How do I begin an application?

Programs that are accepting applications will have an Apply Now button toward the top of the page on the Program Overview tab. Click that button to begin an application.

Do not start more than one application per term. After an application is started, if you want to switch programs, work with your program advisor to switch your application to the program of choice. That way you won’t need to resubmit any items.

I get an error when I try to start an application, or the program I want to apply to says it is not currently accepting applications. What should I do?

Program applications open early the semester prior to the term abroad. For Spring and Spring Break programs, applications will open in August with an October 1 deadline. For Full year, Fall, and summer programs, applications open in January with a March 1 deadline. This allows study abroad staff to update the program information before each application cycle.

You’re welcome to meet with a program advisor at any time, regardless of whether applications are open to get information, ask questions, and start planning. E-mail to set up an appointment.

I need to complete a Non-Valpo program application, or Independent Student Travel Registration. What do I do?

Non-Valpo Programs:
Valpo students are able to participate in non-Valpo-approved programs through another institution in the United States, a program provider, or by directly enrolling in an institution abroad that accepts short-term international students. These programs can be great options for students looking for specific academic curricula not offered in an existing Valpo Study Abroad option, but students should be independent and comfortable with limited academic and social support. Students directly enroll, pay tuition and fees directly to the program provider, and receive transfer credit that they can bring back to Valpo (but no grades).

Students interested in this option should meet with their academic advisor and Study Abroad staff as early as possible to discuss details. Specific credit approvals from the appropriate Valpo academic departments must be secured by the student before departure.

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Independent Research/Study
Valparaiso University Study Abroad is proud to have students traveling abroad through a variety of different activities and opportunities. However, we also want to make sure that your time abroad is as safe and enjoyable as possible. To ensure your health and safety while you are traveling, it is important that you register with the Office of International Programs Study Abroad. This registration is perfect for students headed out to do research, attend a conference, or any other kind of international travel with the University. By doing so, students will be included in pre-departure orientations, and receive support prior to departure, while abroad, and upon returning home as needed for their travel.

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