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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Budget Sheet for Central College Abroad in Granada, Spain.

Fall Budget Sheet for Central College Abroad in Granada, Spain
Fall Budget Sheet for Central College Abroad in Granada, Spain
Budget Item Undergraduate
Tuition (12-19 credits/semester) * $20,970.00
General Fee * $672.50
Billable subtotal:  $21,642.50
Airfare   $1,000.00
Passport (if needed)   $145.00
Application Fee   $75.00
Student Visa   $160.00
Program Cost   $3,614.00
Misc/Personal   $1,600.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $6,594.00
Total: $28,236.50
Fall 2020 Budget Information
  • Tuition and General Fee are based on full-time undergraduate rate before any financial aid is applied. Normal financial aid/scholarships apply (with the exception of work-study and some 'on-campus' aid). Be sure to meet with your Financial Aid Advisor to determine the exact amount that will be owed.
  • Program cost includes room and board and is paid directly to Central College. If students are awarded any scholarships from Central College, they will be applied to the student's housing invoice. *2019-2020 fee amounts have not yet been released. This will be updated as soon as those amounts are released.
  • Students should also take miscellaneous/personal spending into account. Estimates are based on average spending, but students should estimate based on their individual spending habits as each student's spending will vary.
Important -- please read!
  • Your program application will be reviewed after the application deadline. If you are accepted to the program, in order to be considered a participant, you will then need to click on the commit button to confirm your participation. Commitment is your legal contract to the Office of International Programs and Valparaiso University to study abroad and pay the cost of the program in its entirety.
  • Do not commit your participation in a program before determining that you can afford it. After commitment you may be legally liable to pay the program charges even if you can no longer participate, though the Office of International Programs will work to refund any recoverable costs.
  • Start your scholarships & funding search as early as possible so that you are able to plan and ensure you are able to meet any deadlines. Your study abroad advisor can also help you with brainstorming potential resources as well.
The budget costs listed on this page are estimates and subject to change until acceptances are sent.
* Billable item